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Baby Cathy Ep14: 1st Rain New game from our favorite baby Cathy series. Here while she is at her home, she is seeing the rain first time. In the story, she is really surprised about the rain and very eager to know about the rain much more. So let us help her by showing the details in the mobile by showing the procedure of the formation and falling rain from the sky, later lets us prepare for the rain with the raincoat and she wants to go out and play, so dress her in cute rain dress and help her to jump on the rocks without falling into pits and finally we all know frogs will chirp after rain, so let us match and select the same colored frog with correct music play. Let her enjoy this first rain of her and stay tuned for more games only on

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Baby Cathy Ep14: 1st Rain
Baby Cathy Ep14: 1st Rain