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ปริศนา, ผู้เล่น 1 คน, ทักษะเมาส์, หลอดไฟ, Android, HTML5, ฟรี, บล็อก, มือถือ, iPhone, iPad, หน้าจอสัมผัส, ใช้สมอง, เชื่อมต่อ | วันที่เพิ่ม 20 Aug 2020
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A really challenging puzzle game in which you have to connect two red dots with a path. You have to swap adjacent tiles with fragments of the path to make it continuous. It sounds easy, but in fact it can be really, really tricky. Click on a tile, then click on another tile on the same plane to switch their places. Keep switching tiles until all endpoints of the same color are connected. The tiles on the playing field in the Switchways Dimenions game are skewed like an expanded book. A winding line is drawn on each, and on two there are bullet points. Your job is to connect them, exchanging pairs of selected dishes. You cannot manage objects that are in the shadows. Only after a part has been built correctly will access to further solutions be opened. The result should be a solid line that passes through all the squares and connects the points together.



Switchways: Dimensions
Switchways: Dimensions